The following tests are usually performed during pregnancy.

First visit

  • Antenatal screening blood tests (Full Blood Count (FBC), Blood Group and Antibodies , Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, Rubella and HIV)  Varicella Immunity( Chicken Pox) as currently reccomended
  • Midstream urine collection (to check for infecti
  • Dating ultrasound scan

20-22 weeks

  • Anatomy ultrasound scan of the baby to check its growth, to look for any abnormalities of its development and identify the placental position. Fetal anatomy ultrasound ( 20 week scan)

26-28 weeks

  • Gestational diabetes screening
  • FBC
  • Blood Group antibodies

36 weeks

  • FBC, Blood Group antibodies
  • Screening for “Group B Strep” by vaginal swab

Other investigations/interventions

  • Down’s syndrome screening is offered to all women. The best available screening test is called the ‘combined test’. This is calculated from - at 10 – 11 weeks a blood test for hormones from your pregnancy, together with - at 11 – 13 weeks an ultrasound to measure the back of the fetal neck (called the nuchal translucency).  This will be discussed with you further at your initial consultation.
  • Anti D immunoglobulin injection at 26 weeks and 34 weeks for women with a negative blood group Women with a negative blood group have the potential to make antibodies to their baby’s blood group during pregnancy. These antibodies may cross the placenta and cause the baby to become anaemic. It is recommended that Anti D be given (to these women) during pregnancy to prevent this from occurring.


  • Other tests are performed according to your individual circumstance